Monday, November 11, 2013

Kathina 2013

This year only I attended BMBMC's Kathina Day as it was drizzling and we did not want to take Cynthia there.
So Ah Teik, Teng Teng and I reached BMBMC at about 11:20 am. Sanghikadana had already on, so we start the preparation for the distributing of robes.
At 12:00 the three of us including some members of BMBMC help to distribute the robes.
The ceremony ends at about 1:20 pm.
Sadhu! Sadhu!!! Sadhu! to Teik and Teng for attending this  year's Kathina. Hopefully, next year, Amy and Cynthia can attend.
Kathina celebration


Justin Choo said...

Good morning Bro Tian,

Just stumbled into your blog. Looks like this blog, as with other blogs nowadays, has been taking a siesta. Mine too. Fb and other writing sites take up most of time now.

My purpose of writing this comment is to express that your blog is beautifully presented.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Justin Choo. Yu are right as the trend had been in FB but actually I had not been hearing more Dhamma as in the past years due to conditions.