Saturday, August 22, 2009

Protect Oneself Protect Others

Tonight talk by Sayadaw U Vimala is about protect oneself to protect others. From the Sedaka Sutta Sayadaw tell us how the Buddha uses the story of a acrobat and his pupil to point out the need for one to protect oneself so that one can protect the other. How can bhikkhus protect others? the Buddha asked and answered that it can be done by practising the 4 Foundation of Mindfulness. Here, we as practising Buddhists have to protect ourselves. The Buddha only shows us the way, Sayadaw said. The Buddha cannot save us. When we practised Satipatthana Meditation, and reached Magga Phala, we can protect ourselves. Others will emulate us and here, we indirectly help to protect others.

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