Sunday, June 27, 2010

Khlong Ngae Visit

Trip to Khlong Ngae with BMBMC members led by Uncle Lim
Yesterday both Amy and I followed Uncle Lim and 15 BM Buddhist Meditation Centre's members to Ajahn Sati's temple in Khlong Ngae, Southern Thailand.

We went in two vans, both Amy and I in the first with Mr Chuah and his family, Mr & Mrs Khor, and another couple in one van whereas, Uncle Lim, Mr Lee and the rest in another. We left BM at 1.30 pm and reaches Haadyai at 4 pm.

We stopped at Haadyai for a two hours shopping spree. Then we had our dinner in one of the Haadyai restaurant before proceeding to Khlong Ngae at 7 pm (Thai time)

Ajahn Sati's temple is in Khlong Ngae a small town situated between Danuk and Haadyai. But we had to go into the outskirt of Khlong Ngae and then turn into a rubber tree plantation.

We arrived at the temple at around 8 pm. Some devotees there welcome us and we proceed to pay respect to Ajahn Sati.

Then all of us decided to take our bath but since there are only 4 bathrooms near the shrine hall, Uncle Lim took three of us to another bathroom area about 10 minute walk up the hill. Whew! The water was cold but refreshing.

After taking our bath, Uncle Lim took us to the hanging cliff cave about 200 m uphill. We saw three bhikkhus there meditating. Both Mr Lee and I decided not to sleep there tonight although Uncle Lim will bring some of us there to sleep.

Coming back to the shrine hall, the ladies already lying down to sleep. I too find a place and luckily I brought my sleeping bag for there are mosquitoes all over the place. It was not that cool but rather humid in the hall.

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